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Welcome to the APX Podcast Wiki where you can learn everything about our podcast sessions.

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Location & Schedules

  • Location
    All podcast sessions are held in person at the KMC SM EDSA North Tower 1.
    Click here for complete information about the venue.
  • Schedule
    The APX Podcast takes place weekly every Friday at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.
  • Holidays & Occasions
    Sessions are not held during holidays and APX special occasions.
  • Duration
    The podcast is a 45-60 minute session and is considered as a single episode.
  • Host
    Philippe Soriano the founder of APX will be fascilitating the session.

Recommended Transport

  • If you’re coming from the North or South, you may take the Premium Point-to-Point Bus Service (P2P) to SM North.
  • For guests coming by car you may park at the North Tower 1 Ground Floor parking area (P100) upon entry.
  • Another option is the parking area in the upper floors (P50) upon exit. Prepare CASH payment is best as their digital payments and QR sometimes are offline.
  • Waze: click here

During the Podcast Session

  • Be at the venue 15 mins prior for the podcast session
  • English is the preferred use of language as your podcast will be viewed by potential clients globally.
  • Set your phones and gadgets to silent or airplane mode.
  • Relax and be comfortable. This is a non-formal session in which you can share your journey and experience about you in your own style.
    Note: Ripped jeans, shorts, sleeveless, slippers are not allowed.
  • At any time you may pause and recompose yourself.
  • At any time you may request to take a quick water break and restroom break.
  • This is a pre-recorded session so any mistakes or information you have accidentally shared can be edited or deleted in post-production.

Program Flow & Questions

ProgramTime allotted
Introduction2 mins
Introduce yourself. Name/agency name/professional name and what you do.5 mins
Your Personal Story
Who are outside the (VA/Agency or Professional) world?5 mins
Your short story on how you started your VA/Agency/Professional career5 mins
Who were you before becoming an a professional/agency owner, the struggles and journey.5 mins
Hardest challenges building a career as a professional/VA agency/VA5 mins
Your Professional/VA Agency Story
How did you decide and start building your Profession/VA agency?5 mins
What services do you/does your agency focus and offer?10 mins
Your Wisdom
What do you look for when hiring a Professional/VA5 mins
What’s your top 3 advice for aspiring Professionals/Virtual Assistants10 mins
Where can we contact and follow you?5 mins
Answer Question of previous Guest3 mins
Ask a Question for next Guest1 min

What to expect after your session.

  • Your session will produce a trailer of your session which we will be promoting 3 days prior to your podcast episode.
  • Podcast episode launch are every Saturdays at 12:00 PM Noon.
  • All promotions shall take place in all APX socials in which you can reshare to your audience and followers.
  • Podcast episodes will be uploaded to the YouTube Podcast channel and Spotify.
  • YouTube Link
  • Spotify Link