The APX Podcast WIKI

Welcome to the APX Podcast Wiki where you can learn everything about our podcast sessions.

Location & Schedules

  • Location: All podcast sessions are held in person at the KMC SM EDSA North Tower 1. Click here for complete information about the venue.
  • Schedule: The APX Podcast takes place weekly every Thursday and Friday at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.
  • Holidays & Occasions: sessions are cancelled during holidays and APX special occasions.
  • Duration: this is a 45-60 minute session and is considered as a single episode.
  • Host: Philippe Soriano the founder of APX will be conducting the session.

Recommended Transport

During the Podcast Session

  • Be at the venue 15 mins prior for the podcast session
  • English is the preferred use of language as your podcast will be viewed by potential clients globally.
  • Set your phones and gadgets to silent or airplane mode.
  • Relax and be comfortable. This is a non-formal session in which you can share your journey and experience about you in your own style.
    Note: Ripped jeans, shorts, sleeveless, slippers are not allowed.
  • At any time you may pause and recompose yourself.
  • At any time you may request to take a quick water break and restroom break.
  • This is a pre-recorded session so any mistakes or information you have accidentally shared can be edited or deleted in post-production.

Program Flow & Questions

ProgramTime allotted
Introduction2 mins
Introduce yourself. Name and agency name and services or your name and services as VA5 mins
Your VA Story
Who are outside the VA world5 mins
Your short story on how you started your VA career5 mins
Who were you before becoming an agency owner, the struggles5 mins
Hardest challenges building a VA agency5 mins
Your VA Agency Story
How did you decide and start building your VA agency?5 mins
What services does your agency focus and offer?10 mins
Your Wisdom
What do you look for when hiring a VA5 mins
What’s your top 3 advice for aspiring VAs10 mins
Where can we contact and follow you?5 mins

What to expect after your session.

  • Your session will produce a trailer of your session which we will be promoting 3 days prior to your podcast episode.
  • Podcast episode launch are every Saturdays at 12:00 PM Noon.
  • All promotions shall take place in all APX socials in which you can reshare to your audience and followers.
  • Podcast episodes will be uploaded to the YouTube Podcast channel and Spotify.
  • YouTube Link
  • Spotify Link